Why Detox?

21 Days of super clean eating, conscious removal of toxins and chemicals in your environment and diet, and an easy way to detox some of those accumulated toxins from your body’s filters. It sounds great doesn’t it?  I look forward to this every year for several reasons. 

  1. It helps me say no to sugar and empty calories during one of the hardest seasons of the year.
  2. It prepares me for the new year as I am already set to go and not waiting to start a clean lifestyle.
  3. I get to detox from a year of excesses, toxins from fires, eating out, etc.


  1. Learn about foods for good health
  2. Remove bad fats and replace with good fats – Bad: canola, vegetable, margarine; Good: BACON: butter, avocado, coconut oil, olive oil, nuts and seeds
  3. Change the meat you eat – No farmed, try for grass fed, organic, wild caught
  4. Replace and reduce refined sugars in your diet – No artificial sweeteners such as splenda, acesulfame potassium, nutrasweet, etc. Use stevia, monkfruit, raw honey, organic cane sugar in moderation
  5. Replace grains with pseudo-grains – No wheat, rye, barley, oats, rice, corn. Use quinoa, wild rice, millet, amaranth,
  6. Drink more water – No alkalized water, should be about 7pH, no tap water. Filtered water, herbal tea, sparkling waters (unsweetened)

Consider your exposure on a daily basis of chemicals and toxins. Where do you get yours?  Everyone is unique due to living and working environment. 

  • Chemicals: Bath soap, body wash, shampoo, cream rinse, lotion, make-up, hairspray and products,                               perfumes, laundry detergent, dryer sheets, dry cleaners, food, beverages, gasoline, EMFs, Xenoestrogens and hormone disruptors, cleaning supplies, tattoos, work environments, fertilizers, pesticides, plastics.
  • Water pollutants: City and town water, ground water,  alcohol, processed food.
  • Air pollutants: Fires, industrial waste, candles, perfumed air, aerosolized sanitizers.

How does the body deal with excess waste and toxins?

It converts them to fat soluble trash and stores them in your fat cells until such time that it can be reconverted to a water soluble trash and removed via the liver and kidneys. In order to do this we need to improve the function of these organs.

Benefits include:

  • Cleaning filters (liver and kidneys) and supporting the natural detox pathways of the body
  • Give your pancreas a vacation, reduce risk of T2D
  •  Reduce the risk of dementia and cognitive disorders
    •  Study showing increased risk of amyloid accumulation in the brain with high BS
    •  Brain shrinks 4% for every decade of high BS
    •  Fasting glucose higher than 100 hippocampus shrinkage, memory storage
  • Reduce oxidation damage caused by chemical exposure
  • Reduce risk of cancers caused by chemical exposure and other toxicity
    • 1,806,590 expected new cases of cancer in the US and 606,520 deaths projected in 2020
  • Reduce the risk of immune challenges and auto-immune conditions
  • Potential for improved sleep and digestion
  • Possible weight loss
  • Develop new habits for a healthy lifestyle, eating, sleeping, exercising

Things we CAN eat during the 21 Day Purification

  • Protein
  • Vegetables
  • Lentils – green, red, brown or yellow
  • Quinoa and Wild Rice
  • Fruit (berries)
  • Seeds (pumpkin, chia, sunflower, flax, hemp)
  • Water, herbal tea
  • Good fats
  • Coconut flour

Things we will AVOID during the 21 Day Purification        

  • NUTS

Lets talk about Intermittent Fasting

Some of you may already be familiar with IF, or time restricted eating, but if not let’s review the benefits and effects of it on the body.

  • Pancreatic and blood sugar control
  • Immune system upregulation
  • Changing poor eating habits, less grazing, more focused meal times
  • Consciously nourishing your body and mind

 We have several choices for IF

  • 12, 14, and 16 hour fasting
  • 12 hour: No calories between dinner and breaking your fast so 7 or 8 pm to 7 or 8 am
  • 14 hour: No calories between 7 or 8 pm to 9 or 10 am
  • 16 hour: No calories between 7 or  8 pm to 11 am or Noon.

Your lifestyle may require a different time frame and we can discuss that individually if needed. 

My recommendation is to begin with 2-3 days of IF not necessarily sequential, and work your way up to 5-7 days by the end of the 21 Day Purification.  If you already do IF jump right in and start with 5-7 days.  You will drink water and herbal tea during this time of IF, that is very important.  That would be like cleaning the bathtub and leaving the plug in! Gross!

Day in the life of your 21 Day Purification

You may use any dairy or nut free beverage to mix your shakes:coconut milk, coconut water,  hemp milk, water. Get creative and add healthy options, cinnamon, flax seed, chia seed, healthy fruit, cocoa powder, pumpkin, ginger, mint, etc.

Days 1-7 Introduction to Purification

  • 2 Paleo type meals
  • 2 shakes with 1T Whole Food Fiber, 1T good fat, 4 scoops SP Complete or SP Complete DF
  • Snack if needed
  • SP Cleanse 7 capsules 3x a day
  • 12 hour fast between 8 pm and 8 am

Days 8-21 Introduction to Purification

  • 2 Paleo type meals
  • 2 shakes with 1T Whole Food Fiber, 1T good fat, 4 scoops SP Complete or SP Complete DF
  • Snack if needed
  • SP Green Food 5 capsules 3x a day
  • 12 to 14 hour fast as able between 8 pm and 10 am, if more weight loss is desired fast until Noon

Days 1-7 Advanced

  •  1-2 Paleo type meals
  • 2 shakes with 1T Whole Food Fiber, 1T good fat, 4 scoops SP Complete or SP Complete DF
  • Snack if needed, definitely with 1 meal/day
  • SP Cleanse 7 capsules 3x a day         
  • 14 to 16 hour fast between 8 pm and 10 am to Noon

Days 8-21 Advanced

  • 1-2 Paleo type meals
  •  2 shakes with 1T Whole Food Fiber, 1T good fat, 4 scoops SP Complete or SP Complete DF
  • Snack if needed
  • SP Green Food 5 capsules 3x a day
  • 14 to 16 hour fast between 8pm and Noon

Now lets discuss what exactly a Paleo Meal is:

  • Protein: preferably organic eggs, meat, legumes, shakes
  • Veggies: plenty of veggies, minimum 3 cups a day, avoid starchy ones like corn and potatoes
  • Good Fat: olive oil, butter, ghee, avocado, coconut oil, grape seed oil
  • Fruit: in moderation, berries is the #1 choice during Purification, although a small piece of banana is optional in shakes
  • Quinoa and Wild Rice are options at ½ cup serving per day

You can text or email me with any questions: 530-570-1152 or virbydc@gmail.com