A Healthier Version of Me

At my appointment with Dr. Virginia yesterday, I was sharing how excited I was that I went from 9 pharmacuetical drugs down to 3.  Today I finally established with my new primary doctor since the fire.  When I met with the P.A. she loved that I’m on this...

Dr. Virgina Has Helped Me

Dr. Virgina has helped me with creating a healthy approach to my eating habits. I feel better mind , body and soul, when I eat better. ~Carol W.

I love Dr. Virginia!

I have been a patient of Dr. Virginia for about five years now. I have never felt better! Virginia is a wealth of information, and I have learned so much about healing and nutrition. She is an amazing person, and her family practice is truly amazing! I would and have...

You’re fine, you have the flu!

After 3 bouts of vomiting and chest pain in 4 weeks the ER doc says all my tests are normal and I have the flu! My primary care doc runs me through a zillion tests, still no diagnosis.  After 3 more more vomiting bouts and seeing another ER doc and DO (Doctor of...
Thyroid Support

Thyroid Support

Dr Virginia is amazing!! She has helped me so much with my thyroid issues, my diet also has helped my husband and many members of my family!!! Love her!!! ❤️ Sue K.