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As a new patient of Cascade Chiropractic, you will be treated with the utmost care and respect. Your initial visit will take around 60 minutes from start to finish, and will include an exam, x-rays, and an adjustment. From there, we will design a comprehensive, individualized care plan to help you reach your health goals.


Your first visit to our office will start with a focused and comprehensive exam. The exam will check several areas of interest including your reflexes and range of motion. We will also perform neurological tests and orthopedic tests.

 A Myovision exam will be performed to see how your nervous system and musculoskeletal systems function. With this test, we will be able to better understand your case and how we can individualize a care plan specifically for you.


After your exam, the doctor may recommend a series of x-rays to determine the alignment and overall health of your spine. X-rays not only help us objectively create a care plan, but they will also help our doctor determine the adjustments that are safest and most beneficial for you. Care plans focus on establishing the right course of care for you and your family. The knowledge gathered from your exam and x-rays will help us to better serve you.


After your exam and x-rays, we will perform your initial adjustment based on the care plan created by one of our expertly-trained chiropractors. At Cascade Chiropractic, we have a variety of techniques that we use to individualize care plans to specifically meet your needs as a unique patient. 

Findings Report

During your second visit to our chiropractic clinic, we will sit down together and review your x-rays, exams, and any other recommendations that our doctor feels would benefit you. Some of these recommendations may include traction, exercise, and nutritional counseling.

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