Hi Everyone! We are finally back home from our travels down under, and what a great trip it was! Our primary reason for going to the Brisbane/Gold Coast area was to visit the MediHerb processing plant, quality control lab, and attend a seminar in stress. It was such an honor to get to see how the herbs we use on a daily basis are processed from a plant to a pill or horible tasting liquid! We also got to spend time seeing the sights and experience the wonders of Australia. We hiked the rain forests, went to the local windlife sanctuary, scuba dived, fed the wild lorikeets, saw wild wallabies, went ocean kayaking (and nearly drowned), walked miles and miles of pristine beaches, and had some great food!

From Kangaroos to Laboratories, we saw it all! Scroll down to see photos and videos of the amazing places we visited!

Integria Warehouse and Laboratory

Whole herb is shipped from all over the world to the Integria Warehouse in Warwick. Not only to do they take special care to source herbs from their native environment, but each shipment goes through rigerous testing to cofirm the quality of the ingredients and to exclude contaminants.

One of our favorite products in the making… Turmeric Forte! This machine packs the turmeric powder into tablets and then knocks off the sharp edges so they go down easier! The completely automated system is able to sort out broken, sharp, or mishapen pills. Look at all that turmeric, yum!

Ever wonder how long it takes for a vitamin to dissolve once you swallow it? This machine simulates digestion and allows the research team to make sure that nutritents are being released at the right time for optimal absorption into the body!

Byron Bay

Springbrook National Park

Brisbane & the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

A baby koala backpack! We were so thrilled to get to see this mom carry her baby to another tree!

These lorikeets were very hungry and VERY FRIENDLY!

Family vacations have always been an important way for us to unwind and reconnect. Even though we see each other on a nearly daily basis, it’s just better when we are having adventures together! Whether you travel abroad, do a stay-cation, or go on a camping trip, family time is always time well spent!